No matter what I tell you, it's what the people I say about me that counts.  Here are some testimonials from some of the lovely people I've helped.

Renee Jones - Texas USA

Counselor, Coach, Author and TEDx Speaker - www.packyourownbag.com

Elizabeth has helped me heal. It’s as simple as that.

I didn’t want to continue to feel the way I had.  She helped me challenge so many emotional ties, and I suddenly became aware of how much further she had taken me in 2-3 sessions than the cumulative three years of work I had done with my counsellor.

Almost like clearing out and organising a room or storage closet, she made me question the pieces' value and presence and either toss, adjust, repair, keep, or bring out for use or display.  We managed to replace those negative feelings with more balance, more peace, more LIFE!  She had the ability to help me get there.  She helped me recognise the thinking, dismantle it, and then choose a better thought.

What I found (and continue to find) essential about her is the questions she asks that help me think thoroughly and differently about a topic or subject.  They aren’t harsh or pointed but insightful and probing.  
She’s kind and gentle but firm when it’s important and provides a safe space to ask questions or say things I cannot dare say in conversation personally or professionally.

Elizabeth is the kind and inspiring teacher who calls me to my best AND helps me get there.

S, Suffolk

I came to see Elizabeth when it felt like all my relationships were in turmoil. I was exhausted and very low.

 By talking things through with her in just one session she helped me see if that if I changed my behaviour and the way I think about these relationships I could bring about tremendous shifts. Overnight!!

 With Elizabeth's gentle guidance, wisdom and support I now feel utterly energised and a lot more in control of the things I CAN control!

 I can’t recommend her highly enough.


I attended Liz’s workshop towards the end of the third lockdown when the children went back to school.  I really wanted to do something that was for me after balancing homeschool and working for so long, so a day of meditation, gratitude and reflection sounded like something I would enjoy. 
I got so much more out of it than I expected!  It was like a reset day for my career, mental health and general wellbeing.  The reflections to where I was at the beginning of the lockdown to where I am now and where I want to be were eye opening.  Liz equipped us with practises and follow ups so that we could maintain our good intentions and future plans which related to work and my personal life. 

I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to everyone!