Free Stuff

I post regular visualisations on my YouTube channel covering topics such as handling fear, letting go of frustration, anxiety release, relaxation, and finding inner calm.  

You can also reach or follow me on social media for daily thoughts, updates, inspiration and sharings as we all travel on this soul journey called life.

The links for all my contacts are on the top of this screen.

Voxer Coaching 

Sometimes life is complicated, I know mine is! We can’t always set aside chunks of time or energy to dedicate to our own self development. Voxer coaching is the ideal way to do it, but for a fraction of the time and money. Voxer is like a walkie talkie for mobile phones. You send me some questions or thoughts on voicemail, I send you a response back as soon as I can (but usually within the hour). The idea is that it is one to one coaching, but on our own mutually convenient terms. 

I charge $25 for one hours ‘coaching time’. That’s a fraction of what I usually charge as I can answer when I’m able to do so, rather than having to set aside time to talk. Hopefully the same is then true for you – you can send, receive or respond when it suits you too.

You, But Better

This 6 week course helps you re-discover who you really are, minus all the trappings, teachings, learnings, beliefs and ideas that have been instilled in you since birth. In this course we cover:

-         Unpeeling the layers

-         What is learnt vs what is truly you

-         Accepting and healing yourself from your past

-         How to tap into your own soul potential

-         Learning to be comfortable in your own power

-         How to become unstoppable on your journey back to yourself

The course runs for six consecutive weeks, includes a weekly downloadable visualisation session, access to a private membership group and weekly group teaching/coaching calls.

 The course is $49 and is the ideal stepping stone to intensify your learning and development about yourself, your soul and your divine direction in life.

‘You, But Better’ is currently full but please do send me an email so I can notify you when I am running it again.

Personal Recordings

I am a qualified and registered hypnotherapist and have been using the techniques of accessing the unconscious mind to release, relieve and re-program unwanted thoughts and actions for more than ten years. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool, but not everyone wants to do it live or online. I can create a completely personalised recording for you, on a subject of your choice for $99. For more information please do get in touch.

 STOP PRESS – I am running a special offer until the end of August where all personalised recordings are only $49.

 Update – I have a few remaining weight loss hypnotherapy recordings on CD that I used to sell.  As I only have a few left I am selling them for $3.99 excluding P&P. If you would like to buy one please get in touch. Topics are:

Perfect You - Making Your Weight Loss Goals Stick
The Stop Solution - Stop Yo-Yo Dieting, Snacking and Big Portions
Easy Exercise - Stop Excuses and Enjoy Getting Active
Stop Emotional Eating

Wedding Day Weight Loss                                                                                   Lose Baby Weight Now                                                                                  Shhh..A Lady's Secret to Lose Weight - Menopausal Weight Loss

1:1 Soul Restoration

I am helping you re-discover your unique soul so we always start from a soul based perspective which means there is NEVER a one size fits all solution or tool. This can take time as I help you un-learn, remember, re-learn and then transform from caterpillar to butterfly.

 Most of my paths start with a one off, no obligation chat. We get to know each other a little, touch on the key areas you might be struggling with, I give you my thoughts and insights, we do a bit of a discovery session together and then decide how we mutually want to proceed.

 People start out wanting my basic three sessions (I always aim for a significant shift in three sessions or I’m not doing my job properly). They often then discover they’re learning too much to stop so can enrol for more. On that basis my most frequent packages are three, six and twelve months but there's no need to be scared off by this; starting somewhere, anywhere, is a great place to re-discover who you truly are!

 A typical one to one session is usually an hour to an hour and a half and will involve elements of coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and plenty of my own ideas as they present themselves based on our ongoing conversation!  I frequently work on an unconscious level with you so that you heal naturally and happily without any major intervention.  What evolves is a one-off blend of you, me and the universe.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more. My pricing is reflective of my qualifications, certifications, experience, expertise and professional insurance.