Free Support

Audio meditations and visualisations are available on my YouTube channel.

Join The SuperMama Space - a private facebook group I created to support parents who are looking after children with chronic and invisible illnesses.  It''s somewhere to offload, gain support, share ideas and generally help us realise we are not alone in these challenges.

Voxer Coaching 

Sometimes life is complicated, I know mine is! We can’t always set aside chunks of time or energy to dedicate to ourselves. Voxer coaching is the ideal way to do it, but for a fraction of the time and money. Voxer is like a walkie talkie for mobile phones. You send me some questions or thoughts on voicemail, I send you a response back as soon as I can (but usually within the hour). The idea is that it is one to one coaching, but on our own mutually convenient terms. 

Personal Recordings

I am a qualified and registered hypnotherapist and have been using the techniques of accessing the unconscious mind to release, relieve and re-program unwanted thoughts and actions for more than ten years. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool, but not everyone wants to do it live or online. I can create a completely personalised recording for you, on a subject of your choice for $99. For more information please do get in touch. 

1:1 Support

Sometimes we're in crisis, sometimes we need to talk things through, sometimes we just need to get things off our chest.

I've been there, I've done it! 
Talking to someone who understands your situation and can help be a sounding board, a support or offer advice can be invaluable.