Elizabeth Mansfield 

I have deeply and truly experienced severe depression, grief, chronic ill health (of myself and others) and complex family relationships.  My own experiences inspired me to experience, explore, and ultimately train in understanding how the mind works in order to improve my journey through life.  I can honestly say that I can now see it as the most amazing, joy and love filled life that I could ever want, even if it's not the one I ever dreamt of or planned for!

   What started off personally was too good to keep hidden so I now love helping others do the same thing as I have experienced.   Over the last fifteen years I've become a fully certified hypnotherapist, coach and NLP trainer who has a background in the commercial sector and yet finds my own passion and purpose in helping others to heal.       

My skills and training cover all elements of challenges in life but most therapists find they work best, have the greatest understanding or powerful empathy with people working in a particular area. For me this started as helping people with food and weight issues as it was something I really knew and understood ;-)

What I discovered was that this was only the tip of the iceberg, what actually happened was that people found out who they really were, lost their fears and limiting beliefs, re-explored who they wanted to be (it was in them all along) and then the weight fell off as a by-product!  

I now work with people from all works of life, people who have often come to a crisis point in their lives, big or small.  They know their lives are not going the way they want, need or dream of.  They know they need to change something, they just don't know what, or how.  I help them work that out and then help them do it.

My rather unique approach to working with people means that I have mainly word of mouth recommendations from people who want to resolve all sorts of challenges. They often come to me because they don’t know where else to go and other traditional paths have not worked for them long term. My approach is to help people make seemingly subtle shifts, that bring about dramatic changes in thought patterns and behaviours.

Over time I realised this was because I helped people re-discover who they really were, re-established a deep and true connection with themselves, gently challenged and held them to account on their journey and ultimately let their soul learn to sing loud and proud once again.

Life is a rich tapestry and is what you make it.  Let me help you make your life the vibrant, intense and glorious tapestry that you want it to be!