About Me

My own life experiences inspired me to experience, explore, and ultimately train in understanding how the mind works in order to improve my journey through life. As part of that rather complicated journey I became a fully certified hypnotherapist, coach and NLP trainer.

My experience of being a working single parent of three children, one of who has a chronic illness, has had a profound effect on me, and on our family life.  

In my experience children get very little help with their illnesses and how to handle them. As parents we get even less! There were times I was desperate for someone to talk to and to seek advice in how to handle the circumstances we found ourselves in. I couldn't find anyone who had both the experience AND the expertise to help me.

I strive to fill that gap and my passion now incorporates both these elements as I support people who have been in the same situation - navigating the life we didn't plan and coping with the impossible!