Hypnotherapist, Coach, NLP Trainer
With specific expertise in helping
parents of children with a chronic or invisible illness cope with life's trials and tribulations.

As well as the complexities of everyday life with a child with poor health (of which there are many!) there are also the emotional issues that parents do not have an outlet for.

 - being in a hyper-vigilant state all the time (there's never an 'off' switch or a standby mode)

 - Needing to offload/rant/vent without our child hearing

 - Not being listened to, or being ignored by professionals

 - Sadness, loneliness anger and grief

 - Learning to accept where things are at, rather than where you want them to be

As a fellow parent in this situation, as well as being professionally trained, I help people manage and release these worries, stresses and fears.

Free support, group support and one to one support available.