Are you...

- struggling to hold things together right now, either in a big explosive way or just quietly dying inside?  

- aware that you can't set yourself free from your past, your thoughts or your future plans?

- still not living your best life because you’re stuck in fear, self doubt and loathing?

- thinking there’s so much more out there for you, if you knew how to change it?

As a general rule people who find me are:

- soul seeking

- focussed on their own development

- spiritual

- slightly unusual

…and still stuck in a rut of activity or thought, often through no fault of their own.

My people also like to:

- please others (often to their own detriment)

- are rule abiding (even when they're not sure they believe in the rules)

- full of self doubt (sometimes because circumstances, people or situations have made them question themselves)

- struggling for acceptance (generally because maintaining the status quo suits the people around them better) 


- have a tendency to want to break the mould and be who they really are (frequently as a result of knowing, deep down, that they are not living their life in the way they want).

 If this sounds like you – keep scrolling! There are loads of resources here that may be useful to you.

What do I do for you?

I work face to face, as well as internationally over Skype, Zoom and Facetime. I also run online and live courses, training and events. 

I mainly help people who have lost their way, their motivation, their joy, maybe even their reason for living.  People who want to re-examine their lives, find their true selves again and then just go about living a happy fullfilled life (and often lose lots of things they don't want too; like weight, bad relationships, poor boundaries, low self esteem and fear!)

Rather than focus on the purely theoretical of 'just' hypnotherapy, NLP techniques or coaching my practice is grounded in a plethora of ideas, techniques, principles and ‘flow’.  I have trained with some of the best teachers in the world and am always inspired to learn more.

Will it work for you?

Absolutely it will. I have changed my perspective on life through the training and work I have done and I can absolutely, wholeheartedly and completely say that the time I have spent on understanding and learning how my mind works has been the most valuable thing I could have ever done. I can share these skills with you to bring about the same changes with your own life - if you want me to.

The fact is, whether it works or not is entirely up to you. I have no more control over your mind than the man in the moon.

Ultimately you monitor, support, encourage, motivate and drive yourself on - in whichever positive or negative direction you choose. But if you need or want help I CAN be there for you. If you engage with me fully, share with me fully and follow my instructions fully you can change and enhance your life with infinite potential.

You don't need to do this on your own, you might not even be able to - which is why you're reading this to start with, right?